SBS2003 - A Complete Network Solution

Server 2003 Complete Network Solution ArtworkHirum UK is all to aware that small businesses require a complete network solution to handle the explosion in the volume of data they are now handling in digital form. This trend extends to data in e-mail, applications and documents. Previously, small businesses would have handled much of this data on paper. The move to electronic media necessitates server software and hardware to archive, access, affect and share this increasingly mission-critical information.

Sharing Information on the Network

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Windows Small Business Server 2003 incorporates Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 for a superb messaging solution for Internet and intranet e-mail. Further, the integration of Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 delivers a variety of improvements including cached-mode synchronization; remote Web access to e-mail, scheduling and contacts through Outlook Web Access; and support for remote procedure calls (RPCs) over HTTP, which allows users to connect directly to their Exchange server over the Internet without needing to establish a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel. Users running Outlook 2003 can connect directly to an Exchange server within a corporate environment over the Internet.

E-Mail, Networking and Internet Connectivity

Windows Small Business Server 2003 has everything a business needs to take advantage of Internet connectivity. The out-of-the-box tools provide a manageable solution for shared access to the Internet, a firewall to help protect local networks, Internet e-mail based on Exchange Server, and access to Web sites such as Outlook Web Access and the Remote Web Workplace on the server.

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