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Central and Internet Bookings in Real Time... Whatever the source, Internet, agent, phone, email or walk-ins, this system handles it in real time. You have the option of automatic room allocation or, if you prefer, you can over-ride and change/make bookings manually. Enter everything on the same screen, picking up specific unit features to tailor the booking to your guest's specific needs.

How the Hirum Online Reservation System Works

Hirum Online Reservation Support OptionsHiRUM has developed the first real-time, seamless & completely two-way online reservation system available. This new feature allows guests to check availability and make bookings directly from your web page. The system works by way of a booking engine which is hosted on a secure remote server in between your web page and property management system. When a booking is made online it comes in to HiRUM as an encrypted file. An icon on the main menu flashes to let you know a booking has been received and when you double click on the icon the booking appears in the normal HiRUM format. You can then validate the credit card and email a confirmation to the guest confirming the booking. Similarly, as bookings are received in the property management system, a message is sent to your website, updating availability instantly. Our development team are committed to developing this feature with significant capital being invested to provide users with one of the most powerful booking engines available to the market.

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