What is ACT

ACT Contact ManagementAct Contact Management is a database specifically designed to hold all the details of your customers with a graphical interface enabling easy data imput and a simple and easy way to view that information when you require it

How Act can Manage Your Contacts

Contact Management at your finger tipsBy holding all your customer details such as address, telephone numbers, in one contact management database, when and who you last spoke to, what was the last message letter received and what and how by email or letter or phone you last contacted them you can build up a plan to satisfy your customer requirements and to meet those expectations when and how you agree.

Act Alternatives

While firmly of the belief that the ACT contact management is a world class product you can not miss the point that Small Business Server can be equally effective for your needs and may well offer a better value proposition. The choice of you CRM software is as important as maintaing your customer management.

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