Intergrating Act and Word

Small Business Server Specialist LogoThese days it is hard to find a company not having some word documents allready being used in their day to day operations. While ACT has its own word processor it can also choose to use Word as its default wordprocessor.

Mailshot through ACT using Word

Hirum Support OptionsTherfore to produce your Mailshot through ACt but use Word is no problem. Customise the letter to pick up any personal information relating to your customer to make your letter as effective as possible.

Record Word Documents in ACT

And after sending a letter to your customer have it automatically attached to your customer record in ACT and everyone in your system will be able to see when it was sent and at the click of a button be able to open and raed the contents of that letter

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Specialist support for Small Business Server and intergrating Word and ACT.

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